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Re: Richard, your response

At 05:46 PM 11/12/2000 -0500, Rebecca Snody wrote:

>I never implied that the CIA had anything to do with the elections.  I 
>just stated a fact that a candidate's father was once head of the CIA.  It 
>is well known in the USA that the principles of the founding fathers are 
>hanging by a thread, and it is not what you stand for anymore, but who you 
>know, your connections, and how much money you or the special/corporate 
>interests that back you have.

Rebecca:  I am sorry for my unfounded implication.  It was a typical 
Republican "rush to judgement."  I take full responsibility for my actions 
and promise to try to more carefully read and understand the the political 
messages during the next election before punching in my response.

At 18:38 PM 11/12/2000, John Quarterman wrote:

 >I remind you all that ad hominem attacks are forbidden on this list.

 >Can we get back to Sinclair matters now.

John:  I am sorry for my "attack."  I should have known better, 
particularly since it followed your first attempt to stop these political 
messages.  My next message to this group will be about Sinclair matters.

In that regard, for the new members of the list who not seen my photographs 
of Sinclair sites in Scotland, go to

And for descendants of Quaker James Sinclair (or Sinkler; born in Chester 
county, Pennsylvania, in 1736; moved to Loudoun county, Virginia, about 
17xx; and died in Belmont county, Ohio, in  1813), see my photographs of 
the Quaker meeting house in Caln, Chester, PA at

and the Quaker cemetery at the former site of the South Fork Meeting in 
Loudoun county, VA (where some descendants of James are probably buried) at

and the Quaker cemetery at the former site of the Plainfield Meeting in 
Belmont county, OH (where James may be buried--if someone knows otherwise, 
I would like to know) at

Sincerely sorry,

Richard Huseth

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