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Re: Surname: Glasgow

At 12:12 12/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
Thanks, Jean, for offering to help me out with the "Glasgow" surname.
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From: Jean Grigsby
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Subject: Surname: Glasgow

I wish you had put this in just one day earlier.  I ran across a Glasgow family just yesterday in the library while working with census records.
If you wish to email me privately I will go back over what I did yesterday and try to narrow down the areas I researched for you.  I recall being quite surprised and thought "they must have been from Glasgow and took the name as remembrance"!
Jean Grigsby
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From: Rebecca E. Snody
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Subject: Niven, re temper et al

Niven wrote:
<You qualify. The 'temper' bit clinched it.  Change your name back to Sinclair.>
My friends describe my personality as "intense".  I think they are being very kind........  ;o)
I have another question that is perhaps a bit off topic, for the Scots on the list................my g-g-g-g-g-grandmother's maiden name was Glasgow (Agnes), married to John Snoddy.  I cannot find my Snoddy line past this generation right now. Agnes' parents were Hugh and Janet Kilpatrick (possibly Patrick) Glasgow.  Is the surname Glasgow a place name or was the city of Glasgow named for a family?
Rebecca Snody

The name Glasgow would be taken from the place of that name just as we took our name from
St Clair-sur-Epte.  There are a number of places around the World called Glasgow but there are
also two other small places in Aberdeenshire (Scotland) with that name.

Glas = grey, green or blue and, in consequence, is sometimes associated with water.
The gow part of the name comes from cau or heuch (as in Ravenheuch which was the
earlier name for Ravenscraig, the Castle which Earl William Sinclair received from James
III in compensation for surrendering the Earldom of Orkney) which means a cliff.

I have just checked the London  Telephone Directory where Glasgow is quite a common surname.

Niven Sinclair