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Fat woman

I was told this week that  Washington Co. which is just west of Portland, OR
use to have the butterfly ballots and never had any problems.  Now they have
something much harder to cope with and wish they had the butterfly back
again.  There are no names on their ballots, just numbers.   So they have to
look in their voters pamphlets, select the number of the candidate from
there and also the number of the 26 measurers they wish to vote for and then
find that number on the ballot.  So probably most people research this and
arrive at the voting booth with their list in hand.  There are two volumns
to our voters' pamphlet by the way.  So it was nice to be able to have the
write in option where we could agonize over it for days or weeks depending
on our tolerance for agony before hand and then mail it in.
   I was told by a relative from Virginia, we didn't hear this out here or
missed it on the news, that there apparently was an error in the printing
(lining up of names and circles) of the ballot plus mechanical problems with
the equipment.  So this doesn't seem to me to be the fault of the butterfly

And another person told me that the reason we haven't heard anymore about
the missing ballot boxes is that the boxes were never missing it was some
other things.   Someone hysterically jumped to conclusions and now has a red
face for their error but it did plant suspicion in peoples minds.
   We don't hear much about the write in votes that are anticipated.  I
understand that they have to wait here in Oregon until they are all in to
make sure that no one has sent in more than one ballot.  So that makes sense
to me.   We just have to calm down and wait the course of events.

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> Does anyone on the list find it strange that there is only one place in
the whole U. S. that there was a problem with the voting ballots?

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