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Re: the fat lady refused to sing

At 09:56 AM 11/11/2000 -0500, Francine wrote:

>On the news yesterday: Senator Hilary Clinton (amond others) said she 
>would support a constitutional amendment to change the voting process from 
>a collegiate vote to a universal vote - meaning,the winning candidate 
>would the one who gets the greatest number of individual votes from the 
>people. Period...

Do you really want to go through a national popular count, followed by a 
national recount, followed by a national hand recount of 100,000,000 votes 
to determine "voter intent?"  Who would care about the vote in New Mexico, 
Montana, ...

Hillary is not stupid.  She knows that if she ever wants to run for 
president that most of her support would come from New York, Florida, and 
California and that she would have little chance if it depended on 
electoral college votes from the south, midwest, and the small western 
states.  However, I do not want a president who has been elected by the 
four or five largest states.

And now that I have had MY turn on this issue, I think that we should get 
back to Sinclair business.

Richard Huseth
Austin, Texas (very biased in favor of George W. Bush)

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