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Florida elections

Greetings one and all,
  Christine Carver here, I live in the state of Florida and thought I might share some of what is going on in this state in the last few days. On the night of the election the Broward CO. election official came on television in a panic. He was saying that many ballot boxes were missing in route to election head quarters and he was so concerned he had dispatched Sheriff deputys to try and find the vehicles carrying the results. Over 2 hr's later they were found with no explanation as to where they had been. I kept up on this as it was an evening that I could not or would not go to bed without some answers. People were turned away from voting precincts and told there were no more ballots. Hispanics were told they needed 2 forms of I.D. while the rest of us only required one.
  I went online to some chat rooms out of curiosity to see what was being said and wish I had not. Every one that was democrat were being told they were ignorant and illiterate and if you disbelieve me check out yahoo chat rooms on Goverment. It made me feel sick to my stomach to listen to the one man call everyone foul names and say it was time for another civil war and all democrats needed to be hung as we were the problem of the entire world. My God, my ancestors already paid that heavy price for the rest of us so we could live in a democracy governed by the people not just a particular political affiliation. When the votes were recounted in Pinellas CO. they found 500 in Gores favor that they didnt know where they came from. Things are really heating up down here friends are beginning to fight with friends. Scary to say the least. So easy to sit else where and sit in judgement and point fingers whether the right thing is done or not. My Jesse and Boissy Carver are probably rolling in their graves. Ha ! Ha !
                                                Sincerly, Christine