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Re: Unusual Red Hair ???

At 20:44 07/11/00 -0500, you wrote:

I too usually "lurk" on the list and find many items of great interest.  I
too am glad to share so many physical features incommon to many Sinclairs.  I
have the red hair, blue eyes, fair complexion and temper that can flare on


You and Belinda have hit the spot.  It is the  "temper which flares on occasions" which
is the hall-mark of most Sinclairs.   It dies quickly.  It doesn't have any hang-ups which
is a blessing but those people who may have been the butt of our anger may not know
this so it is important that we follow another saying which is:

                       "Never let the sun go down on your anger"

Apologise to them before going to bed.  It makes sleeping easier.  A clear conscience
is the best pillow!

There is another saying (which is attributed to Prince Henry) which is also apt: "If you
cannot control yourself, you will never control other people".

I tell myself this every day!  Sometimes twice a day!!

Niven Sinclair
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