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Re: Rennes-le Chateau

To Tim Wallace and Labehotierre,

C'est une bonne chose de pouvoir lire et écrire dans plusieurs langues: cela
nous ouvrent certaines « portes » importantes de la connaissance! Thank you
both for shedding some light and personal perspective on Rennes-le-Château's
(overly done, I agree) enigma.  Will you be disappointed if I still beleive
that maybe the only thing of research value in R-le-C. is that red paint
(maybe iron-based paint) mark on the church's back wall? I still do not
necessarily agree with Labehottierre that his particularly very long,
horizontal and about 20 cm large red strip indicated the way to the
Wisigothic pillar. Other signs indicated the pillar. And the pillar was
right there for all to see.

Or are we all of us talking about the same red mark??? Maybe you,
Labehotierre, are refering to simple red marks, dots, whatever red mark that
may have been traditionnaly and esoterically used in many other places to
reveal something, but this one is a visible, long (yet fading wih time) red
stripe that stretches for meters on the church's wall in the graveyard....
Tim: you are very well documented (how wonderful it is to read you) but I am
looking more into the delicate and hard-to-pin point man-made signs of

I must have read over 330 books over the last few years and I will re-read
them all if this what it takes to find the exact reference: I beleive this
apparently insignificant red painted strip in R-le-C. indicates a lot more
thatn the way to the Wisiugothic pillar... Give me a few weeks or months!


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