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Re: sinclair-digest V2 #306

Ken...I am a Sinclair and I agree with you.

sinclair-digest wrote:

> sinclair-digest        Sunday, November 5 2000        Volume 02 : Number 306
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 14:54:36 -0800 (PST)
> From: Ken DeB <kendeb52@yahoo.com>
> Subject: sinclair-digest V2 #305
> Hello to all on the list. With a little spare time on my hands, and the
> same pet peeve that others on the list share with me, I took today's
> digest into Wordpad, and eliminated all the extraneous repeats. The
> original digest file was 90K long. With the repeats cut, it shrank to
> only 31K in length. This indicates that roughly 2/3 of the messages
> were extraneous. I was rather generous in what I left there, too, with
> some prudent cutting, it could perhaps be made even smaller. There's
> not much worse in my book than seeing page after page of the list
> beginning with ">" or even "> >> >>>", indicating a quote included in a
> quote included in a quote.
> Ken DeBusk, Michigan, USA

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