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Re: Chief Malcolm going to Australia

  Dear Laurel

Malcolm is going to attend  a Formal Dinner at the Air Force Memorial 
Centre in Melbourne on Friday 24th which Clan members are invited to 
attend, and there will be an informal gathering at no cost on Sunday 26th 
probably in  the area of the Botanical Gardens which any one with Clan 
interest, be they members or not, are most welcome to attend.. Just watch 
this space for further information.

At Daylesford he will be Chief of the Games which last over a weekend with 
a Ceilidh on Saturday Night.  After that, he flies on to Queensland, with 
visits to State Parliament,the Stae Governors home and a little sight 
seeing - perhaps to the wineries up the Yarra Valley, to be fitted in as 
well as a few days rest in Benalla between Canberra and Melbourne.  There 
has even been a rumour that a distant cousin would love to introduce him to 
his primary School in full regalia so that his peers could understand a 
little more about being a Chieftain of a Scottish Clan.  That hasn't been 
put to Malcolm as far as I know so I doubt it will happen. There are a 
couple of fundraising luncheons as well, here and there so I believe 
Malcolm will  return to Scotland glad to be free of Australia and Hot weather.
At 03:55 PM 2/11/00 -0800, you wrote:
>According to the November issue of the Scottish Banner,
>     For further information phone John J. Sinclair in Sydney at (02)
>9638-2481.   For the Canberra even contact Bruce Sinclair AM on 026249 8813.
>or E-mail bsinclair@skm.com.au

For the Melbourne and Daylesford events, Contact is Margaret Stokes, 
President CSA
on (03) 9893- 0031,  (milamba@milamba.com)

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