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Re: Dunfermline Abby

Dear Sinclair,
    Thanks.  That was certainly informative.  The Reformationists probably
would have wanted to wipe out any remains of her since she was a symbol of
the blossoming of Catholisism in Scotland.  Wasn't the selling of remains of
Saints a source of income to the clergy? -- whether or not the purchaser
ever received a true piece could not have been proven without DNA testing.

> Dear Niven
> King Robert the Bruce is buried in Dunfermline Abbey.  On one of my visits
> noted that Margaret's former resting place is marked. In the Abby proper
> that her body was moved within Dunfermline as noted below The western nave
> of the Abbey at Dunfermline was built by David I (son of Malcolm Canmore
>  Caenmore) and St Margaret) in the 12th century, and the eastern part, the

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