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Re: St Margaret-comment

Hold your horses--  Is this another Margaret?
    St. Margaret was born in 1045-46 ,  daughter of Edward who was in Exile
from 1029-1057in Russia and Hungary.  She was born in Hungary where both her
parents were living.  Harold Godwinson was part of a delegation in 1053 that
attempted to bring this family from Hungary but was prevented by politics in
that area of the country plus baby Edgar was not ready to travel.

Sources: St. Margaret Queen of Scotland by Alan J. Wilson, St. Margaret
Queen of Scotland by Wendy J. Sinclair, D.A. Edin., FSA Scot.; Harold The
Last Anglo-Saxon King by Ian W. Walker;

And the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle which tells of Edward the Exile and wife
Agatha raising a fine family in Hungary and then coming to England in 1057.

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> Dear Niven
> Margaret was born in 1045 in  Wessex, England. Her father was then under
> protection of Godwin.  She was educated in Hungary.
> Sinclair

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