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new in the history pages

We have added a third British soldier to the list for the American
Revolution thanks to Don N. Hagist.
   Articles from the Yours Aye from the Children's Page have a new home
accessed from the History index at www.clansinclairusa.org   Elaine Fowler
asked me to print them larger for the children to read.

I have been working a long time on a time line that especially shows in
color related information such as Prince Henry Sinclair from 1345-1400.  So
check that out.

Speaking of Prince Henry---here in Oregon we have the choice of voting as
usual or using mail in ballots.  As my husband labored over his, he finally
said he thought he might write in Prince Henry Sinclair for president.

There is a beginning site for German Sinclairs.
A story about Dolly the Sheep and pigs accessed from "Rosslyn" link.
12th century Scottish Fort replica to be built, access from "Scotland"
Middle Ages road found by a US space shuttle in Islay.  "Scotland" link
Scots in Quebec story "Diaspora"
St. Andrew's Society and birth of Scotland use "Scotland" link.


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