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Re: Rosslyn Chapel


Don't hold your breath!  The trust is against the idea of opening the
Non-invasive techniques (scanning, sonar etc) might consider this as future
The feeling is that well,...this is not just any interesting historical tomb
complex awaiting excavation.

Here me out on this and pardon the magical overtones.
This place is to be thought of as a sacred repository.  Corey, I think you
should know this term.
The vaults are sealed, to keep the people out, and to keep the vaults free
of contamination and interference.
Interference from what?  Well from everything!  If the vaults hold relics,
objects, bodies or whatever; they are currently safe.  Safe and guarded.
Yet the vaults will be opened when THE TIME IS RIGHT, (enigmatic as this is)
Please don't ask when the time is right.  I don't know, it describes many
scenarios, but certainly while we are generally ignorant of the many complex
designs, layers of meaning and forces contained in Rosslyn Chapel, all
should be left alone.

For example; there is over 1300 cubes hanging from the ceiling, each of the
5 displayed faces on each cube contain different markings.  Another riddle
to be solved.  So with the vaults, we should leave well alone unless
properly prepared.  And we are not!
Of interest to some of you, some believe there is a black modonna contained
in the vault.  In this, I do not doubt it.
I am as curious as anyone, and would desperately want to go in there.  But,
the chapel requires from us respect and the understanding of its messages,
before we should ask it to reveal itself to us.  In this the chapel has time
on its side.  This place contains an aura or a force and we must respect it.


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Perhaps they can wait to open the vaults of Rosslyn until I get there 
in late November!

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