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The Blackwatch in Indianapolis

Judy and I had the pleasure to see the Blackwatch pipes, drums, and Highland 
dancers perform with the Lucknow Band of the Prince of Wales Division last 
evening. The crowd was on it's collective feet for most of the show. The 
colors, sounds, and display of precision was simply awesome. This was the 
first time I have seen the dance of the crossed swords live, it was enough to 
stir the Scottish blood. The performers then mingled in the crowd after their 
show, chatting and signing the various shirts, c.d.s and programs purchased. 
We spoke to a young man from Perth named Mark and discussed the Queen Mother, 
who is the Colonel in chief of the Blackwatch, and of course the Matron of 
our Clan Sinclair. They are now on a North American tour, if they come to 
your city, don't miss this one.

I do wonder about some of the initials after the Prince of Wales officer's 
names and wondered if some of you could help. they are; CAMus, BA, GDBM, 

Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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