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Hope springs eternal

RE your great observation: "I always have my doubts about those who profess to be holier than the rest of us. It is the sinner who has my trust."
I concur! Not only because I'm a 7th Fleet sailor at heart, but also because I've observed over a few dozen years of close interaction with those striving for spiritual expansion, that those with the worst problem are the ones who know most about the cure. Clearly this applies to those who've managed to make significant progress ...many have not but even those persons have very useful views of whatever the situation is that ails them. ...Makes us all experts?
At my age about the only sin left that bears the effort is too much morning coffee, sneaking an occasional dash of bourbon and cream. Sort of an Irish Coffee a la "Ken-tauk." But I suppose one can always hope.
Blessings, Niven, as always...