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RE: The Sinclair Saga #2

Laural, I cannot answer your questions but these are brilliant...

	with all respect due to Mark, he took on the topic and kicked out a book in
just a few years, and look at the pace at which matters have developed in
the last two alone...

	No one is perfect, books contain errors, but I think it takes some cheek to
write about this stuff without long years of study and painstaking fact
checking...no one can undertake such an overview as Mark attempted because
of the incredible, and shifting, scope...but he tried and many who have read
his book have read on to more, shall we say, academically approached

	The "facts" that he voices, and you so ably shine the light on, I have
heard oft-repeated before his book, some by Sinclairs...

	The facts are in debate, and this is one of the roles of this list...I look
forward to the answers myself...

	Obviously, oral traditions may be as inaccurate as that of written...

		nova scotia

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