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The Sinclair Saga #2

Now I am asking for some help on understanding a statement page 36 of Mark
Finnan's "The Sinclair Saga" that says "The family's original name was
Moray, so called because one of their prominent leaders came from the region
of Moeri in Norway.  The Morays became the dominant Norse family of power
and influence in these northern waters."  He is speaking of Rollo born in
Moeri and his father Rognvald of Moeri.
    But didn't they use the Scandinavian system for naming making Rollo
Rognvaldson and Rognvald Eysteinson.  I was not aware that they ever took
their family name from the area in which they lived?

    I have noted the name in Scotland "as  a great province of Moray
directly under the crown when its ruler, Macbeth, seized the throne  in 1042
and it was later subjugated after 1130, when the mormaership/earldom was
suppressed...."  SE of Caithness.  And there is Moray Firth also.  So I have
wondered whether there was a connection with Moeri, Norway.  Is it possible
that Vikings from Moeri settled in northern Scotland and were given the last
name of where they were from in Norway by the locals?   I also have Morey
ancestors so this keeps me interested in this.

Also on page 46 , perhaps Prince Henry's claim was "recognized" in 1063
(Pohl has 1062) but he wasn't declared Earl of Orkney until 1379.

I was wondering whether the age of 18 was the usual age to be knighted.  Was
it the minimal Age?

Page 47:  we are told that Henry commanded a Scottish force that invaded
England.  Is there any more information on this?  What date and where is the
source?   I did not know this before.

Page 48:  I did not know that Prince Henry maintained "three hundred men
with red scarlet gowns and coats of black velvet." at Kirkwall castle.  Was
the castle large enough?  They probably lived in town?Fr. Richard A. Hay is
sited as the source here.  I sure would like a copy of the pages that this
information comes from.


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