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Coat of Arms

Talking about coats of arms, has anyone ever gone into Coat of Arms records at the the Lyon Court, located at New Register House in Edinburgh & pulled out all the info on Sinclair?  Or any of the Europe Coat of Arms records?

Spirit One Email wrote:

ummm...perhaps I am mistaken or maybe they never registered their arms, just owned something with a swan on it.???
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 Laurel There is only one Sinclair with arms registered in South Africa. Mr A G Sinclair: Arms: Argent, a cross engrailed Sable charged in the centre with a
crosslet in saltire Argent, in the canton a trowel erect Gules. Crest: A
bagpipe Gules, drones and chanter Sable, embellished Argent. Wreath and
mantling: Sable and Argent. Motto: COMMIT THY WORK TO GOD.

As you will note there is no swan. I do know that on the Melck House, Strand St, Cape Town, a well
carved swan appears on the pediment.

I believe this relates to the Lutheran Church, with which this family were
involved, which is next door. Sorry  I cant' help more with any more details, but may have been a blazonon a signet ring? Mark