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Re: Those St Clair of the Isles, etc

This is in answer to Donald H. Sinclair, President Margaret Stokes in 
Australia and others on the net who have been looking for the books by Roland 
St Clair, as shown by Ian Sinclair of Melbourne in his fine report on  4 
October.  Several people have expressed  a desire to get one or more of these 
 books if an when somebody makes copies.  The book most of us are looking for 
is "St Claires of the Isles", which consists of 18 chapters and 558 pages..  
I have been getting chapters here and there from several sources, always a 
page-by-page photocopy, a number of which are barely legible due to 
variations  in the skill level of the copier, etc.  I have been collecting 
bits and pieces of Sinclair Family History for about 18 years, and some 
people who know abou this have given me a page or two as they found them in 
libraries.  As it turned out, I became focussed on my own particular line, 
the Caithness Cadets, and so when an opportunity came up to buy a photocopy 
set of the whole 558 pages some years ago, I passed.

SO, if someone out there is only interested in the Caithness line, I can make 
copies of what I have on my printer and send them snail mail, just ask and 
you shall receive, no charge.  IF, on the other hand you need the whole book 
and perhaps even "The Sinclairs of Caithness" by the same author, my 
recommendation is that we all hang in there a while until Ian gets through 
figuring a way that he can take pictures of the books available to him and 
then see what can be done to meet people's needs at a reasonable cost.  I 
responded to his recent inquiry about this, saying that organizing the 
reproduction by family (location) would cut down on the specific orders 
somewhat, and we could all order something more like a "chapter" and satisfy 
our search.  I don't know how others feel about this, but I'm slowly being 
suffocated by too many books, files etc that I really don't need.  It's 
already cost a lot of money I have better uses for in my declining years, and 
it just seems to proliferate at our present rate o growth and the tremendous 
outpouring of data from new and old members.

That's all I have to say on the subject at this time.  Have fun with your 
geneology, cousins.     Best regards to alll - Ray Lower
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