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RE: Oak Island

Great stuff Robert.

I am also a mason, and if you were interested or just plain curious, then
you might
ask your father about joining.  Everyone gets something different out of it.
Your father may not be interested in these books and threads, and I can
vouch that until recently, I was the only one at my lodge that had read the
books you mentioned.  They are cottoning on though.
The sons of Masons are referred to a Lewis; this gives them the priviledge
of becoming masons fom age 17.
Thankyou again for your post.

You wrote:
    Although my dad is a mason, I'm not since I'm only 19.  Therefore, some
of the masonic secrets chapters are a little too much for me to swallow, but
their are some interesting sections.  He quotes Andrew Sinclair's The Sword
and the Grail and includes quite a bit on the Sinclairs.  However, I think
could have added some things that would have made his arguement stronger
what I hear on the discussion site.  There is also an interesting section on
the Prieure de Sion.

I raised in from discussions I am having on the Priory Of Sion discussion
Synchronicity repeats itself very quickly when your on the right path.

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