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Re: Oak Island

I have a copy of the Steven Sora book.   Heard a late night talk show with
him answering questions about it last year.  Haven't read it yet but I find
a picture just before page 167 showing "Inscription found at Oak Island,
The chalk-filled grooves reveal Gunn Clan heraldry. "

 Now this picture looked very familiar to me.  One can see on the right side
concrete posts with a chain between them.  So I got out a picture from the
600th taken at Westford and I find that the Sora picture is really the
Westford knight.    There are striations in the rocks in the book's picture
that match the same angle, shape, depth, etc. as the Westford knight.   A
couple of imperfections to the bottom right of the shield also match up with
the Westford knight.
    I wonder now, how accurate the rest of the Sora book is.  the picture
below this one in the book shows "Replica of an inscribed stone found at
ninety feet that allegedly tells of a treasure buried forty feet below.  The
original stone, once part of John Smith's fireplace, has disappeared."   I'm
pretty sure that no stone existed like this near the Westford Knight.  So
don't know how one would locate the place where this supposed stone once was
since the Westford Knight is in Massachusetts.

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> The ISBN is 0-89281-710-0.  Rochester, Vermont: Destiny Books, 1999.
> Chapters
> 1. The Mystery of Oak Island
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