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Oak Island = GUNN

Dear All,

Can anyone provide some detail to the communication I received?


RE:Oak Island = GUNN

Thanx for the reply. A little more info to add to the pile. I've come 
to understand that the Sinclairs and Gunns were close, a family 
relationship would explain alot of that. Would that be a sister of 
Henry's who married a Gunn ??? I have also read that the Gunns were 
considered the "crowners" of Caithness (which is what the broach 
signifies) and the Sinclairs were unable to rule without their 
consent. Why this was so I have not been able to determine for sure.
Speculation that Gunn was an ancient Pictish King, the original 
inhabitants of the land... or that a Gunn married a woman who was the 
daughter of the mormaer of Caithness. I haven't figured out what a 
mormaer is yet.... The Gunns were also possibly a sea-power to reckon 
with in that area.... So what I want to know is who or what gave them 
the position to determine who rules the lands of Caithness ???

I have been most interested in the Westford Knight long before I came 
to realize he was a Gunn clan member, as it was a piece of the puzzle 
of the POS and Templar mysteries. I am most interested to know if he 
was a Templar ??? Is the cloak Templar style ??? What says Templar 
about it ??? I have also noticed that at his neckline would appear to 
be a symbol of a dove, which I have come to understand is a symbol of 
the POS, or guardians of the Holy Grail. But I have read no mention 
of that in any articles of the Westford Knight. 

The recent find of the Gunn coat of arms on Oak Island has grabbed my 
attention though. Unlike the Westford Knight which would be a 
memorial to a fallen comrade, why was the Gunn coat of arms punch 
marked into the rocks and not Sinclairs', if it was his 
expedition ??? 

All The Best,


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