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The Templar Legacy

Dear Niven,

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to play to members of the Lodge, the
Video you generously sent to me last year.
Unfortunately, the Television picture-tube blew half-way through, after
covering Bannockburn, and beginning on Prince Henry. 
The audience were sitting with mouths agape with disappoinment as they were
all enthralled and wanted more.
In these difficult circumstances, I decided to field questions in place of
remaining time available.
I am pleased to report that this topic which I have presented previously to
them, provided 35 minutes of varied discussion across the Temple.  One could
see the growth of their understanding on their faces which was a wonderful
It made a change from hearing; "I am too old to learn....I should have
started earlier", etc.

Finally, thankyou Niven and all at Clan Sinclair for doing what you do, and
how you go about it.
Full mention of you and this organisation was referenced.

Yours fraternally
Bruce Carlyon
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