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Fw: Many Thanks - our recent trip to Noss

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Sent: Monday, October 09, 2000 3:30 PM
Subject: Many Thanks - our recent trip to Noss

Dear Ian
I was met by Maj Ron Sinclair, as you promised, and also met
Mary and the Earls' son, Lord Berriedale, at Noss Head.
We saw the video on Girnigoe with them, and enjoyed it thoroughly.
It was most impressive to see the work that you, and the Clan, have instigated
up there.
Ron took us to the Dunbar mausoleum in Wick,which was very interesting, although
delapidated, and he also showed us the Sinclair Aisle alongside.
Then we had a quick look at Ackergill through the kind offices of Mrs Banister,
and I must say the Tower is in wonderful condition.
We had a fascinating trip up to Wick, and really were impressed by all that we
saw, and by the kindness we received.
We did not stay up in Wick for the evening as I had to go back to pick up a set
of Stag antlers ( 9 points ) that I had stalked in the morning on Dunbeath Estate,
and was being cleaned, and a jacket that I had left there.
All the best for the future, and for the Clan.
Many thanks for the kindness shown to my wife, Lizette, and myself.
Mark Anderson
Cape Town