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Re: Hermanston


    Thanks again for the information.  Loving a good risk myself, I especially
enjoyed the last paragraph.  Perhaps one day, far as it may be, I shall own a
little piece of land here in the States, or maybe in Scotland.  I have a slight
belief, although supported by nothing but names and dates, that my ancestors came
from Dundee, Angus.  I traced that family back to a James Sinclair b. 1645 as the
son of John Sinclair.  James was born in Dundee, but there is no record of a John
Sinclair being born in Dundee.  Do you know anything about a John Sinclair b. 1620
in Haddington?  I'm not sure, but the Angus family may be related to a Robert b.
1619 and John Sinclair b. 1635 in Glasgow.  They were the sons of a Robert St.
Clair.  I was wondering if John of Haddington's possible father, John St. Clair
b.1601 and Robert of Glasgow b.1602 could be the sons of John St. Clair of

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