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RE: Sinclairs in East Lotian


There is information on my web page:

that you might find interesting regarding the Sinclair's of Herdmanston.
Andrew Spratt, currently residing in East Lothian, has supplied me with
several (7) prints of castles and battles "as they may have been" in their
days of glory.  He also researched and furnished narratives to go with each
of the prints, although he's still working on the narrative for Girnigoe.


Mel Sinclair
Commissioner, Clan Sinclair,
South Carolina, USA

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>Hermanston Castle was blown up by the Royal Engineers (practising
>so there is nothing left there now except the Chapel of St John (where the
>Sinclairs of Hermanston are still buried) and one of the best examples of a
>bottle dungeon to be found anywhere in Scotland which, being below ground,
>escaped destruction.

This is interesting Niven, I live in East Lothian is it worth a run up to
Sanmuelston to have a look. Did I also read somewhere that the Sinclairs
also former owners of Stevenson house in the Haddington area.



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