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Re: Those St Clair of the Isles etc

Many thanks for your response.
I was considering over the next few months to extract from the book (microfische)some of the genealogical data and post it on this list as an attachment. This would be done in small pieces ie family by family and would be "for information only"
Do you think is a good idea or not??
Ian Sinclair, Melbourne
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Date: Thursday, 5 October 2000 21:45
Subject: Re: Those St Clair of the Isles etc

Well done Ian,
Its good to see the contributions from you, always positives. I do wish sometimes that people would stop trying to score points of other folks, who are at least, attempting to pass on information for the benefit of us all.
In Haste
Ian of Noss
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Subject: Those St Clair of the Isles etc

The following are the chapters of this book -
1.    The House of Odin
2.    Dukes of Normandy
3.    The Sea Kings of Orkney
4    The Saint Clairs of the Isles
5    Earls of Caithness
6    Cadets of Caithness
7    Baronetical branches
8    The Longformacus Line
9    Lords of Roslin
10    Barons of Ravenscraig
11    The Lords Sinclair (Herdmanston Line)
12    The Lords of Herdmanston
13    Nobles in Sweden and Alsace
14    Irish Scions
15    The St Clairs of England
16    The St Clairs and Sinclairs of North America
17    Guillermus, Godfather of the Gens
18    Orcadian Families - an outline
558 pages of what appears to be thoroughly researched data. The writer must have travelled extensively to collect it.
Ian Sinclair,  Melbourne  Australia