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IGI Batch No's - research

Research help for those looking in Caithness and surrounds.

When using the IGI (International Genealogical Index) for research please 
note the source of the information - usually given in a batch no. or a film 
no.  A great deal of information in the IGI has been placed there from 
"patron submitted forms" or "sealings" and is subject to error, in fact is 
highly untrustworthy data.

The following batch numbers are of records taken from the Old Parish 
Registers and give more reliable information.

C110411  Thurso Christenings (1855-1867 Parish registers)
C110412  Thurso Christenings (1647-1855 Parish registers)
C110413  Thurso Christenings (1868-1875 Parish registers)
C110415  Thurso Christenings (1786-1843 Parish registers)

M110411  Thurso Marriages (1855-1875 Parish registers)
M110412  Thurso Marriages (1671-1819 Parish registers)
M110414  Thurso Marriages (1820-1854 Parish registers)

M110381  Latheron marriages (1855-1875 Parish registers)
M110382  Latheron marriages (1755-1819 Parish registers)
M110384  Latheron marriages (1820-1856 Parish registers)

C110381  Latheron Christenings (1855-1867 Parish registers)
C110382  Latheron Christenings (1736-1819 Parish registers)
C110383  Latheron Christenings (1868-1875 Parish registers)
C110384  Latheron Christenings (1820-1855 Parish registers)

M110372  Halkirk marriages (1772-1790 Parish registers)
M110376  Halkirk marriages (1790-1820 Parish registers)
M110375  Halkirk marriages (1819-1854 Parish registers)
M110371  Halkirk marriages (1855-1875 Parish registers)

C110371  Halkirk Christenings (1855-1867 Parish registers)
C110372  Halkirk Christenings (1772-1781 Parish registers)
C110373  Halkirk Christenings (1868-1875 Parish registers)
C110374  Halkirk Christenings (1782-1820 Parish registers)
C110375  Halkirk Christenings (1820-1854 Parish registers)

No batch no's available for Ulbster, Lybster or Dunbeath.

If you see batch numbers in this form - 7116611 - it generally means the 
information has come from people submitting their own data.  Not everyone 
is careful with their research and because of this many errors have crept 
into the IGI.  Try to stay with batch numbers such as those shown above.

C at the beginning stands for Christenings or births.
M at the beginning stands for Marriages.

All of the above batch numbers contain Sinclair births, christening and 

More areas to come later.

If you need any help with batch numbers and the IGI please feel free to 
contact me.


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