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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  October 5.
   In 1985: Challenger 6, 13th Space Shuttle Mission, Challenger 6
   In 1947: televised president, 1st Presidential address televised from
   White House, HS Truman.
   In 1931: non-stop transpacific, 1st non-stop transpacific flight Japan
   to Wenatchee Wash.
   In 1923: Cepheid variable, Edwin Hubble identifies Cepheid variable
   In 1910: Portugal republic, Portugal overthrows monarchy proclaims
   In 1908: Bulgaria, Bulgaria declares independence from Turkey.
   In 1877: End Nez Perce War, Chief Joseph surrenders ending Nez Perc
   In 1864: Calcutta Cyclone, Most of Calcutta destroyed by cyclone.
   In 1813: B. Thames, Battle of the Thames in Canada; Americans defeat
   [2]Tomorrow:  October 7.
   In 2000: Viking Ships in Pennsylvania, [3]Philadelphia.
   In 1698: Darien fleet to Darien, Fleet sails from Carb Island for


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