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Re: Dale and Social Problems - ease up!

I really think sin and self-centredness might be a little 
simplistic.  While I just can't buy intergenerational trauma, I can 
recognise that prostitution, to pick one, comes from a lot of causes, very 
few of them which are self-centred, unless you call survival 
self-centredness.  Mockery - well, that's exactly what you're doing when 
you dismiss Dale's views in this fashion; child abuse - something most of 
us have suffered from and got over, but not everyone has the same amount of 
courage and/or self-insight required for "getting over it" given them at 
the beginning... Alcoholism has a genetic base, as well as conditioning 
factors... there is some merit in what Dale has to say and I value her 
postings, even if I don't agree with them.


>  You write of  drug use, alcoholism and associated behaviour, prostitution,
>mockery, child abuse and give them all some very fancy names and excuses.
>  There are other, simpler words for these problems - sin  and
>  Regards
>Judith Sinclair Harper
>New Zealand

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