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Sociology Lesson

RE Social Discussions

Last year I studied a 6 month paper in Sociology of Development. To me this 
was a reall eye opener. It looked at Poverty in countries and why it was 
that those affected people couldn't improve their situation. Colonisation 
has a lot to answer for. I have studied a fair amount of Sociology at Uni.

Everyone Dale, Niven and others are entitled to thier opinions. We all 
should feel free to discuss them without getting upset or attacking the 
person who said it. I for one enjoy reading everyones different opinions.

On a much lighter note, for those interested, in Ashburton New Zealand today 
the sun is shining, and leading the way for Summer to return. It is amazing 
how much the sunshine can lift ones spirits.

Let us all respect each other and enjoy the opportunities that the list 
provides us.

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