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Re: Ang: Estotiland

Niven mentioned some great sources of New World information, like Storm, Rafn.....

Another great book is written by Kaare Prytz and is about voyages to pre-columbian America . It's in norwegian and i don't know if it's been translated to english.
It's definitely worth looking at for those of you who read scandinavian languages.  An interesting theory of his based on information from the sagas is that the vikings made it at least down to the caribbean, perhaps even to Yucatan. 

One of his theories is that the white people who had visited the Aztecs/Toltecs and gave birth to the myths which in turn helped CortÚs in his later conquest -  actually were the vikings. This must've been in the 11th century. 

In general, the book is a great read.

The title is: "Vestover f°r Kolumbus".


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