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Re: New information on Boissy Sinclair ? Carver

I was just cruising around Ancestry.com.  Under "Sinclair" I noticed the name Boissy,
but didn't check it out, since the name doesn't mean anything to me, but obviously, it
does to you.  Have a look, good luck,
Toni Sinclair

Donna Cassady wrote:

  Top of the morning to every one,   Here I go again continuing the search the latest information I have is Boissy's Father was John Sinclair and her mother was Elizabeth Mund from Moore CO. North Carolina, so she is from N.Carolina before moving on into Georgia. Also after talking with my Uncle J.W. Carver who is 85 years old I know now that Boissy was her christian name and not surname. Another cousin also has her listed as a Sinclair and when I questioned her on her resource she told me that LDS in Utah has her name listed on her marriage certificate to Jesse Carver. I am still searching as I will list nothing as gospel until I see document's with my own eyes, and so far that has not happened.   I also made the discovery that Quarterman is in the family tree, along with Shaw, Wright, Ricketson, Tucker, Sasser, Sullivan and a whole bunch more. You may ask why is she listing all these other names ? It is with the hope that maybe someone will see these and possibly ring a bell with them. I guess I am going to have to make another trip to Georgia only this time I believe I will try Ware CO. where she is buried. I have also contacted a member of the Meeks family in hopes of some help. So far nothing, it has always been my belief that Genealogy was meant to be shared with one another and not hoarded like it was some great secret for only the chosen few. I have been running into quite a bit of this attitude lately, like I am not entitled to know my family history. That is why I love to read about you Sinclairs you are so open and understand the importance of passing on family legacies.                                                              God Bless All, Christine Carver