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Re: Laura's Olympiad continues

At 09:58 27/09/00 -0700, you wrote:
>After the two days of festivities at Guysborough, NS    {her greeting at the
>dock in Guysborough must have been quite warm and there were over 600 people
>at the PHSSNA reception that evening}      that welcomed and celebrated the
>reenactment of the Zeno's part of the Sinclair-Gunn voyage in 1398 to Nova
>Scotia, Laura Zola arrived in Halifax where she took part in the 3 day
>festivities sponsored annually by the Italian Cultural Society.  This
>society also provided her with a cell phone that would aid her
>communications with those on land.  This was on Sept. 15-17.
>    Then there was bad weather that delayed her departure but she is now
>making her way towards the mouth of the Merrimack River where probably she
>will tie up at Salisbury  and be driven to Westford by Oct. 1st.
>"Prince Henry's expedition would have sailed up the Merrimack River until
>stopped by the falls.  They probably sailed south into the Concord River and
>then along the Stony Book, from which they would be able to see Prospect
>Hill, in wht is now Westford.  As this is the hightest point between the
>coast and the White Mountains in NH, it would seem that they climbed
>Prospect Hill in order to get their bearings, and this is where the Knight,
>Sir James Gunn died."
>      Here is another opportunity for the New Englanders to meet Laura.
>Spread the word to your friends and relatives in the area.  There will be a
>big reception that Elizabeth Lane is planning, etc.
>     D'Elayne Coleman of the Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North America
>(PHSSNA) who also President of a comparable USA tax exempt organization in
>USA, relates that there will be a Reception at the Westford Museum from
>2:00-4:00 pm on Sunday, Oct. 1 for Laura Zolo.  Gov. Cellucci, of obvious
>Italian descent, has been invited (don't know whether he accepted)
>When Laura leaves Westford, she will head for New York City . Ideally, if
>she could get to NYC by the 6th, she could participate in a big Italian
>affair in Brooklyn which will be attended by very important people from the
>Italian Historical Society, etc.   D'Elayne says the Italian Historical
>Society there has given permission for Laura to march in the Columbus Day
>Parade on Monday, Oct. 9th.   The Italian Societies have been most gracious
>and very supporting of Laura's venture.  Her father plans to join there in
>     All of these dates are contingent upon cooperative weather for sailing
>but right now it looks very good for her getting to Westford at least.

>Great news about a gallant girl in an incredible yacht, "The 7 Roses" 
>which has had to withstand
all the rigors of a North Atlantic Crossing.

She is a worthy successor to the Zeno Brothers and to Prince Henry Sinclair 
and his men.

I met Laura in Venice, in Orkney and again in Nova Scotia.  Alas, business 
pressures prevents
me from being with her in Massachusetts but I sincerely hope that she will 
be given a warm
welcome when she reaches Westford.  Every Sinclair worth his salt should be 
there to greet
this lovely girl who has given 'physical expression' to that which we have 
talked about and, in
so doing, has done more to ensure that Prince Henry Sinclair his rightful 
place in history than
all of us combined.

There are two other ladies who should be mentioned.  D'Elayne Coleman who, 
as President of the
Prince Henry Sinclair Society, has given generously of her time, energy and 
money and Elizabeth
Lane, the honorary librarian in charge of the "Westford Knight" exhibit , 
who is working tirelessly
to give Laura the reception she deserves when she arrives in Westford 
(weather permitting) on the
1st of October.

With Laurel Fechner and Mary Selver taking a lively interest, I am more and 
more convinced that
the Sinclairs would be nothing without the good ladies who organise events 
for them.

Niven Sinclair

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