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Re: snail mail

At 08:45 27/09/00 -0600, you wrote:
Dear Niven,
Here is my address
John Liley
2605 E. Flamingo Drive
Holladay, Utah 84117 USA
Thank You

John, I have sent you all the Caithness material so that you can get a broad picture of how
the various branches were inter-related and the number of times Sinclairs married Sinclairs.
Indeed, right up to the 18th Century, the pattern of marrying cousins prevailed in order to
maintain the bloodline and to ensure that property remained within the broader family.  At
the end of the 18th Century, 80% of Caithness belonged to 17 Sinclair families.  Today we
don't even have 8% because we allowed love to dictate who married whom.  The result has
been disastrous.  We are only a pale shadow of our former greatness.