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Re: Sinclairs in Boston

At 09:28 25/09/00 -0600, you wrote:
Does anyone have any work on Sinclairs in Boston.  My Great-Grandmother  Francis Anne Sinclair (Maiden Name) was born in Boston .  Her Father was a Hugh Tolemac Sinclair and I believe he was born in Dundee.  His father was named James.  We're talking about the turn of the century here.  My Great-Grandmother died in 1978.  I have heard stories of how Hugh was a painter for the WPA during the depression and that he too liked to go for "walks".  I know of a story where he said he was going out for milk and came back 13 years later, with the milk no less.  Whether this is family fable or not I do not know.  I believe he died in Florida.
John Liley
Clan Commissioner
State of Utah

Hugh and Tollemache are names associated with the Ulbster Branch of the Sinclairs and it would be my guess that your
family descend from this branch of the family.

Niven Sinclair.