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Genealogy - Grandmother Joanna Sinclair

Don't know if I did an OOPS as I was typing information on the message board and my information disappeared before I was done.  So, if it got sent, I apologize and will redo it all here.  If it never got sent, and I just wiped it out somehow, please forgive this introduction.
My grandmother was Joanna Sinclair born Sept. 7, 1880 in Grant City, MO (as were all her siblings).  She married Louis Reinhard August 15, 1918 in Boise, ID and she died in Bellevue, WA on June 25, 1957.  Her siblings were: Samuel Forester born May 17, 1875 and died May 4, 1908 in Clarkston, WA but is buried in Moscow, ID.  He married Agnes Tate June 17, 1900 in Grant City, MO; Charlotte born March 20, 1877 and died July 2, 1906 in Beresford, SD but is buried in Grant City, MO.  She married Paris Phipps in 1905; Della born Dec 29, 1878 and died Feb 4, 1898 in Grant City, MO; James Alexander born Oct. 11, 1882 and died June 23, 1941 in Twin Falls, ID.  He married Rose Ann Flint June 5, 1907 in Moscow, ID; William Independance born July 4, 1884 and died Dec. 31, 1884 in Grant City, MO; Catharine Helen born July 20, 1890 and died May 2, 1987 in Denver, CO.  She married Charles Colver Dec. 22, 1909 in Moscow, ID; and Susan born June 7, 1892 and died June 13, 1976 in San Rafael, CA.  She married Oliver H. Holmberg June 28, 1916 in Twin Falls, ID.
Their father was James Hampton Sinclair born July 14, 1853 in Woodsfield, OH and died April 1, 1934 in Palo Alto, CA.  He married Sarah Ann Witmer August 2, 1874 in Juda, WI.
His siblings were: Elizabeth Jane born May 15, 1845 in Janesville, OH (?).  She married William Henry Johnson in 1868; Charlotta born 1854 in Juda, WI and died after July 4, 1940.  She never married; Emily born July 25, 1855 in Juda, WI and died July 4, 1940 in Boone, Iowa.  She married John Nelson; William born about 1861 in WI.
Their father was William Hampton Sinclair born 1818 in Ohio and died possibly in Juda, WI.  He married Emily Susan Taylor.
His siblings were: Arthur; Cecelia; Eleanor; John; Lydia; Mary Ann; Thomas; Alexander born about 1807; and Western G. born about 1820 in Ohio.  All of the other siblings we think were born in Co. Armaugh, Ireland.
Their father was William Sinclair born about 1789 in Ireland and died after 1829 in Ohio.  He married Sarah Hayes in Ireland.
He had a brother, Alexander, and their father was John Sinclair born about 1760 in Co. Armaugh, Ireland.
A family story says Harry F. Sinclair (of the Sinclair Oil Co. and the Teapot Dome Scandal) was a cousin to my gr grandfather, James Hampton Sinclair.  I have not been to the library to look up Who's Who, etc. so I am just getting going on this thought.
Would appreciate any input on any of the above as I am still getting into this and have a lot to learn.  I will be going to Salt Lake City, UT with my genealogical society in January, 2001 and hope to search books there.
Thank you in advance for your time.
Sincerely,  Marjie