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Birth marks part II

Greetings to all,
I am glad to know that some of you are wondering about this subject of birth
marks. Let me tell you how and why I came to this subject. About 8 years
ago, I was invited to a nice business dinner in Montréal, Canada. By sheer
coincidence (was it?), my sister was also there - she is nearly 3 years
older than me. I met this person, a French man by the name of Caire who
travelled with a French diplomatic passport. As we were discussing history,
family genealogy and migration to North America over centuries (I had always
been more interrested in my Scotish roots than my French ones - which today
I consider a mistake), this man suddenly asked me - right out of the blue -
if I was born with some kind of birth mark in the area of my left breast. Of
course, I knew nothing about such a mark (how can I remember?!) and thought
the man was just flirting. But my sister did remember and spontaneously
answered yes. Strange thing is, the man's response was, with a grin, that it
was simple genetics and that it was transmitted (in an irregular fashion)
when both the mother and father carried the same gene, which is rare - just
like cystic fibrosis. He also said that the defective gene was old. Now, I
promise to you all )because it means so much tome to  be part of this
wonderful list) that this boring little story really happened to me and has
intrigued me ever since. But I was never able to find any kind of material
on the subject except a few scientific articles that support the genetic
transmission of birth marks (see :
Isn't that an interresting thing? Some of you did mentionned birth marks
that did disappeared soon after birth. Am I nuts or is this puzzling?
Some of you may think that I am way out of line for the discussion group - I
think the contrary. What do you think? And please, don't see me as crazy
little woman looking for ET!!! because I am only looking for FACTS!

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