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Re: St. Clair DNA

I did it again, good people. I answered before reading ALL the responses to 
Missing and Illegitimate.

Yes, I agee about the vanderlust. I, too, am afflicted. However, I do not 
have the means. I have to be content to wander my neighborhood and the park 
accompanied by my dog, Cleo. The furthest I get from home these days is to 
Lincoln, Nebraska where my daughter attends the university. Maybe that's why 
I can't finance a journey. And yes, yes, to those Americans interested in 
college football, it's "Go Big Red" country. The color goes well with the 
Sinclair tartan, don't you think? And, no, I can never get tickets even 
though my daughter performs with the varsity flagline for the band. Sad, 
isn't it?

Maybe I could gather the clan together and we could storm the stadium. No? 
Okay, then. I'll content myself to stand outside and listen to the crowds 
cheer as they perform. Sigh. Whimper.

Whoa!!!! A St. Clair NEVER whines! BUT I CAN'T do the usual without going to 
prison, you know. Besides, screaming into the stadium and fighting off 
security with a broadsword just doesn't work for me. I'll have to come up 
with something else.

I'll keep you posted. Don't worry. I won't embarrass the clan.

Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt
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