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Late 18thC - a missing St Clair?

Hi - I have a mystery gg grandmother who told her children she was (variously)
the illegitimate daughter/niece/adopted daughter of some branch of the St Clair,
Erskine or Earls of Rosslyn families.

The tale is that she eloped with an estate worker, hiding in a hay cart to get
to London.

Marriage was 1810 in Clerkenwell, London (Middx), she was down as Elizabeth
Mitchell, spouse was William Brockway (carpenter).  Witnesses Jane Elliot and
Hugh Mitchell.
She must have been born late 1700s.

Does any St Clair genealogy expert know of a runaway Elizabeth, or of any
Mitchell connections?

Though maybe she was good a wishful thinking, or worked for a St Clair family.


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