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Sinclai families/Clerk connection

Greetings to all,
 I am reposting a message that I wrote yesterday but it never made it to the list. I am new at this so please forgive me! I am truly impressed by all the research done by the Sinclair families. I was driven to your list by some family connection of mine. I am interrested in finding out more about the Clerk/Sinclair family connection. My great-grand mother was Isabel(le) Clerk, married to Horace St-Louis; she lived and died in Montréal, Canada. Her father was Baron John (or George) Clerk , from Pennicuik, Scotland. Now, I found out recently, (thanks to Lena Lofstrom) that the Clerk and Sinclair families may be related: there is one known Elisabeth Clerk, daughter of holmamiral Hans Clerk, who married Jacob Sinclair, son of Francis Sinclair. Elisabeth lived and died in 1662 in Stockholm, Sweden. Jacob was a Swedish soldier who died around 1659 in Elbin, Germany. I have yet to find more details about location, mariage and birthdates. I am still researching the Clerk's genealogy to see if Hans and Elisabeth Clerk-Sinclair were related to Baron George Clerk. On the other end of the spectrum, I am curious to find out if the Clerk has French origins (Le Klerk/Le Clerc/Leclerc), like the name Sinclair which probably was French  (Saint Claire or Saint Clere). 
Does anyone know anything about this Elisabeth Clerk, wife of Francis Sainclair? Thank you for any light you can shed on this matter.
F. Bernier 

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