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From Francine Bernier

I am 43 y.o., live in Monrtéal, Canada and am new at genealogy. My
grand-mother, on my mother's side was Thérèse St-Louis, daughter of Isabelle
Clerk. Isabelle was the daughter of Baron (John or George?) Clerk of
Pennicuik, Scotland. Lena A. Lofstrom helped me find out that there is a
direct but old connection between the Clerk and Sinclair families: Hans
Clerk, holmamiral, (from Scandinavia?) had daughter Elisabeth Clerk;
Elisabeth married Jacob SINCLAIR. I don't know if there were any offspring.
She was buried in 1662 in Stockholm, Sweden.  Apparently Jacob Sinclair was
Swedish. He in turn was the son of Francis Sinclair and Regina Henderson...
What I would like to know is if Baron George Clerk's ancestor is Hans Clerk,
father of Elisabeth. On the other end of the spectrum, I am curious to know
the connection between the names Clerk and the more French names Le Clerk /
Le Clerc / Leclerc. I wonder if the origins of the scot Clerk name is
French, from hundreds of years befor!
e the 1500's... Thank you all for for any light ou can shed!


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