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New photos on the Nosshead Window

Can I pass on my thanks to Ward Ginn, Jenny-Louise Coster and William D Sinclair for sending their photographs to the Nosshead Window. Unlike the British press, I do try not to publish photographs that prominently feature individuals without that person's consent and consequently I have not yet been able to use all the photographs that have been sent to me. However please do keep sending me photographs of the Nosshead area or pictures for the Friends and Family page. The Friends and Family page is in no way comparable with the marvellous ceremonial gesture that climaxed with the presentation of the "sword of peace" : a meeting of diverse cultures and paths reflecting a shared moment in history. In its own way though, it attempts to bring together people from across the world who have a shared interest: a small gesture of unity.
Best wishes,
David Sinclair-Sherratt
Nosshead Lighthouse Window