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Re: Nova Scotia Programme This Weekend

Dear All:
What follows is what has been agreed to for the welcoming celebrations
marking the arrival of Laura Zolo in Guysborough having sailed in the exact
path of Prince Henry Sinclair just over 600 years ago.

Friday September 8th under the auspices of the Prince Henry Society of North

Sometime in the afternoon: (depends on winds and currents etc.)
            Laura Zolo arrives in Guysborough and is welcomed in a
Wharf-side ceremony
5:30 -  7:30  pm   Official Welcome at a Reception at the Masonic Hall in

Saturday September 9th sponsored by Clan Sinclair Association of Canada
        and The Clan Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia

Programme:  Upper Boylston Park  September 9,       3:00 pm

Master of Ceremonies:       Jack Sinclair

1: Mariners piped to their seats
2: Lord Caithness and Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy are piped to their seats led
by Bill Sinclair and Barbara Sinclair Barnard who are preceeded by the flag
3: Vice-Regal party are piped  to their seats led by Bill Sinclair and
Barbara Barnard.
4: Greetings from host, Barbara Barnard, President of Clan Sinclair Society
of Nova Scotia.
5: Greetings from Clan Sinclair Association (Canada), Bill Sinclair
6:Introductions of special guests Jack Sinclair
7: Greetings from Warden Hines
8: Introduction of Mariners: Niven Sinclair and presentation of gift from
Clan Sinclair
9: Musical interlude
10: Remarks from special guests:  2-3  representatives of the Province
11: Presentation of Sword of Peace: Lord Caithness
12: Response from Grand Chief Sylliboy
13: Sweet Grass ceremony
14: Hon. Rita Joe, P.C., Poet Laureate of Mik' Maq Nation
15: Dancers: Mik'Maq fiddlers and singers
16: Sinclair Piper:  Rory Sinclair
17: O Canada
18: Vice-regal Party piped out with the two Chiefs.
19: Reception follows on site.

As our Canadian Clanfolk will know, this is a very strained time in the
relationship between our Mik'Maq brothers and sisters and our Canadian
Government.  A dispute over fishing rights has erupted between the Mik'Maq
and the Department of Fisheries in New Brunswick, and it has begun to get
This gesture of peace is a wonderful thing in a difficult time -- wish us
luck if you cannot join us.

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