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Re: T.M. Sinclair--Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Dear Chris, Laurel and others who might be interested.  Clan Sinclair USA 
chose Cedar Rapids for it's first USA clan gathering.  This was in 1984, 
which goes back to a significant happening in the Lower family life, which 
saw us sell our home in Carmichael and purchase a new 40-foot travel trailer, 
which was our home on the trip East and while there.  We invited our favorite 
aunt, Marian Sinclair, and we all had a marvelous time at the various 
functions, especially the formal dinner held at the T.M. Sinclair mansion, 
and the morning at the Sinclair chapel of the local college.  Tom Sinclair 
was a leading citizen of Cedar Rapids, giving much to the church and college 
in his time.  He embarked on the construction of his mansion, but was killed 
in a fall in a grain silo in his factory and never lived to live in his grand 
new house.  His widow completed the house and grounds in the following years. 
 Our first Clan USA president, David Sinclair Bouschor has much more 
interesting data on Tom the industrialist and benefactor and I'm sure would 
be glad to share it.  All I kept were the few pieces of writing he provided 
at the banquet, the rest slowly washing out of my old grey mind.

Best of luck with your search and I will be looking forward to something 
added to our store of knowledge one of these days.  Cheers,  Ray Lower
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