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Caithness Family History Society

We can recommend  that anyone researching their roots in Caithness join, as 
we have,  the Caithness Family History Society, formed in 
September1999.  We were put in touch by Anne Houston, whose book "Lest we 
forget the Parish of Canisbay" we bought during the Clan Gathering in 
Caithness.  Anne Houston, and their Secretary, Anne Dunnett have been most 
helpful to us and with new information and new contacts we are now hot on a 
trail that went cold a couple of years ago.  Yesterday I spoke with one of 
the descendants of the Laird Shipbuilders, thought to be of Caithness 
origin! We have with the Society's permission copied material from its 
brochure in the "Caithness" Section of our website. Some extracts from 
Anne's book are also there.

Yours aye

Iain Laird


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