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Re: Glooscap translation?

Can we all please remember Kathryn Kurtz' complaint and
not quote huge reams of previous messages, please.

An archive of back messages is updated nightly in
so anybody can follow the back conversation without it
having to be constantly requoted in full on the list.

Quoting a few lines for context is good.
Quoting pages and pages is not.

In addition, please note that "off list" usually means just what it says:
a communication off the list, i.e., private.  It is polite when someone
sends a message prefaced by "off list" not to send it to the list.

Regarding Scrygmeour, a google search finds

It says, in part:
 ``This name is derived from Old French via the Middle English
 "skrymsher" or "skirmisour" meaning a fencer. The family
 traces its lineage back to Aodh O'Neill, King of the North of
 Ireland in the 11th century. The first recording of the name
 in Scottish records occurs in 1293 when "Alexander called
 Schyrmeshur" was granted a track of lands. In 1298 two
 documents issued on behalf of the crown by Sir William
 Wallace, Guardian of the Kingdom, confirmed on the same
 Alexander Schyrmeschur the honourable, but highly
 dangerous, privilege of bearing the King's banner in war,
 along with the hereditary office of Constable of the Castle of
 Dundee, and certain lands in the Dundee area named Upper

There is a Clan Scrymgeour Association, whose web pages are found via:

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>

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