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Glooscap translation?

Subject: word "glooscap/gillascop"
To anyone who knows any form of Gaelic, old English or French:
I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried to translate the "name" Glooscap or Gillascop (as in "Gillascop Scrymgeour, hereditary Bannerman of the Scottish monarchy"). Supposing that we are looking at a title rather than a family name? This might be an official, semi-official or just a familiar nick-name used as a title. The title includes the idea of an unofficial office or function of some sort ...for example: "Sparks" as a radio operator.
Just to amuse myself in an idle hour I checked Dwelly's for the three word sounds in the "name." There are a number of translations and connections that I find quite intriguing but I'm interested in hearing other from persons with firm accepted translations, if any. Also if any source of the name is available.
Bill Buehler