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Re: James Sinclair of Borlum

At 21:30 29/08/00 -0500, you wrote:
Who was the father of James Sinclair of Borlum? He had a son James Sinclair of Wester-Brims,who had a son John Sinclair, Rector of Leckpatrick N.Ireland (1665)Of whom I am a direct descendant.

According to the St Clairs of the Isles (of which you may have a copy) there is in the South
or "Murkle Aisle" in the Parish Church of Thurso and inscription on the North West wall
which reads:

"This is the burial place of James Sinclair of Borlum; and here lyes James Sinclair, his
eldest son and his spouse, Elizabeth Innes, who left behind the Rev.John Sinclair who
was rector of (James) who was interred in Leckpatrick, nigh Strabane in Ireland 1665"

"Here lyes Isabel Sinclair who married the Rev. Geo. Anderson, Minister of Halkirk; and
Elizabeth Sinclair who married John Farquar, Bailze of Thurso; and Margaret Sinclair,
spouse of Geo.Sinclair of Ulgrimbeg."

Who James Sinclair of Borlum was is somewhat uncertain.

The Sinclair families in Caithness were so inextricably interwoven that it is difficult to
determine exactly who James Sinclair of Borlum was.  He was killed by a Neil McKay
between 1648-1659.  He had four sons and one daughter.

The family had quite a few sons who joined the army.

James Sinclair of Wester Brims (which he must have inherited from the Innes side of
the family) had:

John Sinclair, who became the Minister of Leckpatrick who is obviously your ancestor.

If you let me have your home address, I will copy the relevant page from the St Clairs
of the Isles but it is very "confusing" and may not add much to your overall knowledge
of your family background.

This John Sinclair, Rector of Leckpatrick, at the time of the siege of Derry, was the first
of the distinguished Holyhill family.

There are also the Sinclaires* of Belfast and the Sinclairs of Balymena.

*Note the e which this family inserts in its name.

Niven Sinclair 

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