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Re: Re The Secret Scroll

>So how open have we all been to the idea that Gillascop Scrymgeour,
>hereditary bannerman of the Scottish monarchy,  was Glooscap of the Mi'mag
>(just learned it is pronounced Mic mah) legends?   There appears to me,
>could be very wrong, that there is far too much silence on this subject.

I'd be happy to hear more on this subject.  I, for one, have had nothing
to say because there wasn't much to comment about.  What is there beyond
a coincidence of vaguely similar names of people who may have lived about
the same time?

Sure, there's a lot of speculation as to what the role of this Gillascop
might have been on Henry's voyage, but what is there to substantiate any
of it?  For example, just because a royal representative is present on a
voyage doesn't mean that that person is running the show.  There are lots
of instances in Scottish history of royal representatives being present
here and there in various parts of the country that were variously
politically reliable.  The various attempts by various Scottish kings
to deputize people to control the Lord of the Isles, for instance.

Gillascop Scrymgeour could have been nothing more than a secretary who was
supposed to report back, or he could have been in charge of everything,
or anything in between.  Where's the evidence?


>This raises the question about levels of authority and adds another possible
>purpose for this voyage.   Are we willing to consider that Prince Henry
>might not be the leader or only leader?
>He could have been the "enabler" with all of his connections, resources, and
>intelligence but many times these qualities are not found in the appointed
>leader of an enterprise.  I don't think it demeans our Clan to acknowledge
>this possibility but would show a nobleness towards the truth.  A nobleness
>that our Henry represented that we should seek to copy.   We don't want to
>come off looking and acting like a silly power-hungry clan for the sake of
>our glory to ignore and cheapen the achievements of others.
>As ever,
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